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Skypebble Skypebble Skypebble Skypebble Skypebble
  • Phone: 1300 858 319

Inspired by spotless beaches and brilliant riverbeds, Skypebble is a timeless pool interior finish that is ideal for all types and sizes of concrete pools and pool renovations. From waterfalls, to boulders and beach entries, the design opportunities are unlimited when it comes to incorporating the Skypebble pool finish into your swimming pool interior.

Considerably less expensive than tiles, Skypebble is created from a high silica content quartz that is tough and durable against the wear and tear of regular pool use. It is favoured by applicators and builders because of the minimal service problems in comparison to other pool finishes.

Skypebble comes in a variety of colours that can be blended to achieve a spectrum of water colours that will bring your outdoor area
to life.

Skypebble uses three distinct sizes of pebbles that give three individual finishes – Pebblesheen, Pebblefina and Original Skypebble. Pebblesheen uses a smaller grade of pebbles to offer a finely textured feel and to achieve the look of rich stone. It presents the flexible style you need to design a swimming pool that truly reflects your lifestyle.

Pebblefina is Skypebble’s most recent innovation in superior quality pool finishes. Less than 1mm in size, the Pebblefina pool finish provides an incredibly smooth, ultra-modern surface for you to enjoy. Not only is this finish luxuriously smooth and durable to high-use, but it is also an incredibly affordable option for your pool interior.

The Original Skypebble finish delivers a look of natural elegance and long-lasting beauty. Made up of naturally polished pebbles, Original Skypebble creates a naturally smooth, non-slip surface. Its unique characteristics allow a pool to blend with landscaping and water features, creating the most natural outdoor environment possible.

This project, finished with Skypebble and built by Sunrise Pools, showcases the timeless aesthetic of this easy to maintain pool interior finish.

Pebble swimming pool interiors were originally developed and patented by Mutual Pools, which was Australia’s leading swimming pool builder in the 1970s through to the 1990s. After a rapid expansion and a focus on research and development, the company discovered the outstanding colour and beauty of pebbles sourced from quarries in New Zealand. These pebbles, suitable and appealing for swimming pool interiors, were then marketed to the growing pebble interior market in Australia under the Skypebble brand.

Skypebble now takes pride of place not only in Australia, but also throughout Asia, Europe, South America, the US and the Middle East, as a natural and unique interior finish for thousands of pools.