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  • Address: 56 Magnesium Drive, Crestmead
  • Phone: (07) 3803 9000


No matter the size, brand or shape of your swimming pool, the Aqualux Pool Finish by ABGAL is guaranteed to keep the shell of your pool water-tight for at least ten years.

The commercial-quality PVC membrane can be installed directly over the top of almost any existing pool finish, which is ideal if you are repairing a fibreglass pool that has faded, bubbled or splintered. Whether it is pebbled, plastered, tiled or painted, the application of Aqualux will renew your pool’s exterior as well as repair your pool’s interior.

The first pool pictured here was built in 2012, and was finished with over $60,000 worth of glass mosaic tiles. Unfortunately, due to relentless ground movement, numerous leaks had erupted and in just 12 months the pool had dropped in one corner. It was in desperate need of a full renovation, and while they looked great, the tiles just couldn’t handle the environment.

The pool was repaired and resurfaced with Aqualux ‘Antique’ and its new flexible interior now allows the pool to tolerate the ground movement, avoiding new leaks from being created. This renovation won gold at the 2015 Queensland Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia (SPASA) Awards of Excellence.

Designed in Australia for local weather conditions, Aqualux will out-perform other pool finishes when it comes to earth tremors, drought, flood and UV damage.

The special pigments used in Aqualux give it a richness of colour not seen in any other pool finish, and with more than a dozen designer colours to choose from, you will have no trouble finding one to match your style perfectly.

The pool pictured here is more than 30 years old and situated high on a hill. It was suffering from structural cracks, causing major leaks, and the marble finish was old and worn, delaminating and likely containing asbestos. The Aqualux interior was installed over the top of the marble, which meant no expensive asbestos removal was required and a perfectly sealed, protective membrane was provided between the pool shell and water.

The colour used is ‘Bahama’ and the pool renovation won silver at the 2015 Queensland SPASA Awards of Excellence.

Nothing is ‘off the shelf’ at ABGAL as every Aqualux membrane is crafted to order, ensuring the perfect fit for your pool.

Steps, benches, deep-ends and even bar stools can also be incorporated into the finish, which is supplied in one piece and vacuumed into place for a satin smooth swimming experience.

Sanitised for total hygiene, Aqualux inhibits the growth of green algae, bacteria and fungus. If you are changing over from tile, pebble or a rendered finish, you will find it is far easier to keep your pool sparking clean all year round.

Just like many 1980’s pebble pools, the pool pictured here featured a built-in spa that was never used, so it was removed as part of the renovation to create a larger swimming area. This renovation used Aqualux ‘Caribbean’, and was awarded bronze in two categories at the 2015 Queensland SPASA Awards of Excellence.