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Operation Renovation

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Operation Renovation

If your pool’s interior is in dire need of a facelift, but you don’t want a complete overhaul, it might be time to partake in a renovation rescue. Read on as April Davis speaks with Carl Yench, the assistant director at Europe Imports Pty Ltd, as he shares his insider’s knowledge on how to master your pool renovation.

Updating your pool’s interior is a great way to ensure your outdoor area is fashionable, functional and financially worthwhile. Embarking on a renovation journey, however, can feel like you’re throwing yourself in the deep end without knowing how to swim. Here, Pool + Outdoor Renovation wades through Europe Imports Pty Ltd’s best tips on creating a trendy interior, so you can ditch the lifejacket and paddle through the rapids with a pocket full of money.


Careful planning and preparation is always essential if you want to make sure your restoration goes to plan. Before you get down to business, however, Yench recommends finding a top-notch tradesman.

“We always advise our clients to find a quality tiler and to ensure they have their product selections finalised with the products on-site and ready to install. We’re constantly hearing of clients who were not prepared for the tiler to start work, and the tiler has had to move onto their next job and reschedule. This can be a nightmare for the pool owner if the tiler is fully booked for months to come.”

Colour selection is another consideration that needs to be made before work can start. The colour palette you select can completely transform the surface style of your new interior, and choosing the right shade to begin with can save you time and money further down the track.

“A good-quality tile, especially the Ezarri tiles we use, can last a lifetime, so it’s important that our clients are happy with the colours they have selected because once they’re installed, there’s no need to re-tile, unless they want to update the look in the future,” Yench says.


Pool safety is non-negotiable, and if you’re updating your interior, anti-slip mosaics could be a worthwhile addition to your product selection.

“If you want to use your pool for hydrotherapy exercises, or have young children or elderly people using the pool, Ezarri anti-slip mosaics are a good idea because they can make it safer and more functional. Does your pool have any shallow areas where someone could easily slip? Do you need extra grip on the pool’s surface while you’re exercising? If you do, anti-slip products are the solution,” says Yench.


Go for gold with your remodel by installing the finest-quality products. Here, Yench explains that if you use both high-quality products and an experienced tiler, you will have all of the ingredients you need for a winning combination.

“Quality products, such as up-market tiles and stone, will not only make your pool look great, they will also add value. When these high-quality products are combined with an experienced installer, the project will last a lifetime, which is valuable in itself.”

“Ezarri mosaic tiles are now being used as selling points by real estate agents because of the known beauty and longevity of the product in submerged application. Natural stone, such as light ivory travertine, can also complement a variety of mosaic colours and make sure any pool interior is stunning,” Yench says.

A new border can look great when combined with the right tiling and coping, however, as a stand- alone; a new border probably won’t be enough.

“If a client was to update a border alone, it wouldn’t make a great difference to the overall look of the pool because it’s a minimal change. To make an impact, you really need to look at re-tiling the whole pool and/or replacing both the coping and paving to give the space a new look and feel,” says Yench.


Screen printing is a fun and artistic way to personalise your pool’s interior and ensure it’s truly one-of-a-kind.

“Screen printing is becoming more and more popular and the technology is opening up an entire world of design possibilities. We had a client a few years ago who wanted a painting by a well-known artist from New York (who was her daughter) screen printed onto her pool’s mosaics, and the final project looks fantastic,” says Yench.


Successfully renovating your pool interior will be a valuable long-term investment. The easiest, most effective way to increase the value of your pool is to revamp the interior with new tiles.

“Tiling your pool interior will reduce the cost of pool maintenance, enable you to include anti-slip technology and give you a lifetime guarantee (if you use quality products). Using products such as Ezarri tiles means you won’t have to deal with wear and tear. If you invest a little more in the beginning, you will generate long-term savings,” says Yench.

How much time and money you spend renovating your pool’s interior varies greatly depending on a number of factors, and as Yench explains, you only get out what you put in.

“The complexity of the design, the surface materials used, the time of year and the contractor’s level of experience, all impact on the cost and duration of a project. We have seen clients spend as much as $50,000 for an out-of- -this-world makeover, or as little as $5000 for a slight improvement.”

“Swimming pool renovation mistakes can be costly, and making repairs further down the track, on most occasions, is more expensive than doing it right the first time around,” says Yench.

When undertaking any renovation, you should always make sure you’re investing your money in a quality product and finish. A revamped pool interior is the perfect way to make your pool the focal point of your backyard and increase the value of your property now, and long after the work has been completed.


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